Hark, the Heart comprises of musicians Lydia Monzo and Rosanna Stevens.

lydia monzoLydia Monzo

Graduating from JMC Academy with a Bachelor of Arts in Popular Performance awarded by the University of New England, Lydia Monzo has performed her own songs internationally, and developed an intelligent and unique cover-style. Lydia co-founded open mic nights in Sydney (Fresh Sets), and has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. She has graced stages with guitar and keyboard from Vancouver to Canberra including Bootleg Sessions at The Phoenix and support for popular Canberra band Beth’n’Ben. Lydia has appeared as a featured artist at You Are Here festival (2014) and the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival Bar. She currently works for the Open School of Music at the Australian National University.


Rosanna Stevensrosanna stevens
After studying classical piano and cello and performing on both at the Sydney Opera House, Rosanna Stevens has taken her cello and voice into the realms of popular music. Rosanna has performed at Groovin’ the Moo and the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival with Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens. In 2013 she performed in San Francisco with This Can’t End Well. While recording and performing short tracks with sound artists, National Poetry Slam Champion CJ Bowerbird, and electronic artists, Rosanna has performed solo gigs nationally, including appearances at the Melbourne Writers Festival and You Are Here festival. She is currently a freelance music writer, and Project Officer at the Australian National University School of Music.


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