Eleri & Tom

Ever thought about getting married in a cave? Having a destination wedding? With a ‘Vintage Glamour’ themed ceremony and reception? And a glitter-themed after party? Tom and Eleri have. On the cusp of Christmas we drove out to Yarrangobilly Caves, three hours from Canberra, to make their ceremony even more special with a series of songs unique to them. And by ‘unique to them’ we mean they asked us to help them Rickroll their entire wedding party while they signed their marriage license.

image Yes, it really was that picturesque, and yes, you did read correctly, they really did get us to Rickroll their audience. Best of all, they gave us an accomplice – the lovely, expressive, and endlessly musical Liam O’Connell. Look at him sing:


Cherub material, right there. We also had a fantastic time arranging The Book of Love for the couple, which was played at the close of the ceremony. The whole affair was scenic and gorgeous, and we had a great time surprising the spouses with their chosen repertoire, and so much more.


All of these gorgeous wedding photos were taken by Silas Brown – who can be the photographer at your wedding too, anytime.
Eleri and Tom’s celebrant was also a great speaker, extremely flexible and adaptable, and all round lovely. You can find Tessa’s details here.

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